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Program Results
2023 Summer Impact with QUEST Adventures

See how the QUEST Adventures program has positively impacted learners in over 50 districts across the country!

2023 Summer Impact (2)

QUEST Impacts Student Outcomes

Summer 2023 post-implementation survey data measuring engagement, social-emotional learning, and workforce readiness based on 5,588 student and 163 facilitator responses.

Nurtures Problem-Solvers 80% of students believe they increased their ability to solve problems by playing QUEST.  Develops Relationship Skills 73% of students said they developed skills in cooperation and compromise while playing QUEST.  Awesome Attendance 80% of students were in attendance during their summer-programs thanks to QUEST.  Highly Captivating 73% of students rated their QUEST experience as extremely positive!  Builds Teamwork 90% of students said they learned that collaborating & communicating with others is useful.  Fun & Engaging 86% of students reported a sense of curiosity, and sustained focus when playing QUEST.  A Whole Child Approach to Learning: Teachers reported significantly more learning across the 4 Cs as compared to their classes during the school year. 77% More Collaboration, 74% More Critical Thinking, 74% More  Creativity, and 71% More Communication.
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What is QUEST Camp?

QUEST Camp is designed specifically for summer learning, with a proven impact in driving attendance, engagement, teamwork, and skills that transfer to the school day and beyond. Reimagine summer learning through the experiential world of QUEST!