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Gamified Learning & 21st Century Skills at Anaheim ESD



In the Anaheim Unified School District, a compelling question arose: What is the potential impact of QUEST during the school day, and why should we extend this innovative program to all classrooms? The district recognized the transformative potential of gamified instruction and the importance of nurturing the "4 C's" – communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity – to extend learning beyond traditional lessons.


The solution was to seamlessly integrate QUEST into the school day itself, enriching the daily curriculum with the dynamic elements that made QUEST an engaging and effective learning tool. By embedding QUEST into the regular school routine, students were engaged in gamified learning, fostering not only academic growth but also the development of essential future-ready skills.

This integration of QUEST into the school day was accompanied by an extension of the program into summer learning opportunities. It wasn't just about providing a summer escape; it was about creating a continuum of learning, where students could carry the 4 C's from the school day into their summer adventures.

The result was a holistic educational approach that not only enriched the classroom experience but also prepared students for success in a rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence. QUEST became an integral part of the Anaheim Unified School District's commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals ready to thrive both academically and to be prepared for the future workforce.


  • 80% of teachers saw collaboration being displayed more than in the traditional school setting
  • 83% in critical thinking skills built more than in the traditional school setting
  • 78% creativity used than in the traditional school setting
  • 78% communication being displayed more than in the traditional school setting
  • 91% of students were highly captivated and engaged during their QUEST gameplay experience
  • 92% of students felt their problem-solving skills were enhanced through their gamified experience


“There are a lot of skills that are embedded within QUEST. One of the things that directly ties into our standards of mathematical practice smp. The main piece is that I can work through hard problems. It is all about perseverance. I have definitely seen that applied within QUEST and it is easily applied into their instructional day.” - Dr Vanessa Marroquin Principal Orange Grove Elementary

We serve students that are emergent bilingual. Being able to pratice language with their peers is the most authentic way to continue to develop that language. The research shows that in watching them during QUEST activities really gives them a sense of deeper learning because they have to utilize all of their academic skills to run through the simulation. Having the students have that experience as soon as Elementary is important and sets them up for great success in their junior high and high school careers.” - Dr Mary Grace Asst. Superintendent of Education Services

“Alot of times we tell kids this is what you’re learning, this is why you’re learning it. You need to read this passage, answer this questions which is great and they need that but QUEST gives them an opportunity to kind of explore and making their own meaning out of what it is they are finding. We’re able to work with eachother, they’re able ot make mistakes and kind of learn from those mistakes and figue out how they want to go forward.  - Cory Robertson Vice Principal Lincoln Elementary

“I like it because it’s thinking outside of the box. It is giving them challenges. I love the fact that the kids are excited, they’re not bored of it and when they’re excited - I’m excited, we’re all excited - AND secretly their learning. -Tran Polizzi QUEST 6th Grade Facilitator