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Cultivating Teamwork & Collaboration at Fresno Unified School District



In the bustling hallways and classrooms of Fresno Unified School District, an imperative challenge emerged. The district recognized the need to cultivate more teamwork and collaboration among students. Simultaneously, they aspired to nurture a sense of confidence that would embolden students to share their ideas and voices more confidently in class.


The solution came in the form of QUEST Camp, this multifaceted approach introduced several key elements that significantly contributed to increased teamwork, collaboration, and confidence among students. As students engaged with QUEST Camp, they encountered interactive gameplay that encouraged collaboration as they faced various challenges.

With each chapter of QUEST's immersive storylines, students began to speak up with greater confidence during class discussions, share their ideas, and express their thoughts more freely. QUEST seemed to unlock a newfound sense of self-assuredness.

Through group activities and peer interactions within QUEST Camp, a supportive learning community emerged, fostering idea-sharing and active participation. Students discovered that working together led to greater achievements.

As they tackled in-game challenges, their problem-solving skills developed, reinforcing their belief in their ability to contribute positively to group discussions and activities. They realized their opinions held value, and they had the skills to express them confidently.

Ultimately, QUEST Camp became a catalyst for positive change within the Fresno Unified School District. It not only enriched academic experiences but also equipped students with essential life skills, nurturing a sense of teamwork, collaboration, and empowerment that would guide them across the school year.


  • 73% of students developed relationship skills while playing QUEST
  • 77% of students learned that collaboration and communication is helpful
  • 83% of students felt comfortable talking to their teammates
  • 84% of students valued the ideas and skills their teammates had


“QUEST has helped retain students because they enjoy QUEST and they enjoy working together.” - Julie Goorabian-Ellis

“They not only look forward to it, but they ask for it!” - Melissa Jones

“Their ability to collaborate, and the critical thinking skills, those are lifelong learning skills that need to develop. What QUEST does is, it allows that to happen.” - Kathy Mytton

“When I walk into a classroom, and I see the excitement from kids, that tells me it’s a success.” - Kathy Mytton

“I love QUEST because it is a learning game but is fun and does not feel like learning at all! There are so many challenges to do and they are fun and help alot with teamwork and figuring things out!”- Fresno student