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Redefining Social-Emotional Learning: ProSolve’s ESSA Level IV Certification

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ProSolve is thrilled to announce its recent ESSA Level IV Tier of Evidence achievement for QUEST- a significant stride toward redefining educational excellence. This milestone is not just a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality educational solutions but also marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards fostering a conducive learning environment that nurtures social-emotional skills through collaborative problem-solving to build career readiness among students from PreK-8.

ProSolve engaged LearnPlatform by Instructure, a third-party edtech research company, to develop a logic model and literature review for ProSolve's QUEST social-emotional learning and collaborative problem-solving program to satisfy Level IV requirements (Demonstrates a Rationale) according to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Because of the development of the logic model and the plan for an ESSA Level III study, ProSolve's QUEST meets Tier IV evidence requirements in compliance with ESSA.

Under ESSA, schools and districts are encouraged to use evidence-based interventions that have been shown to improve student outcomes. ProSolve's endorsement by a third party reinforces its pivotal role in reshaping education and equipping educators to create a positive learning environment to increase social-emotional learning outcomes.

QUEST: A New Era of Social-Emotional and Experiential Learning

At ProSolve, we firmly believe in the importance of a whole-child approach to learning delivered through experiential learning that is based in inquiry and the authentic application of skills and competencies. Our educational philosophy centers around these learning approaches.  

We offer CASEL-aligned instruction through our QUEST program. This program equips students with the tools they need to build, transfer, and apply their SEL skills in an authentic and relevant way. Students directly apply what they learn in the classroom to their everyday lives.

With the ESSA Level IV certification, ProSolve elevates the whole-child approach to learning by providing highly engaging, hands-on experiences that build higher-order thinking and social-emotional skill development to support students today and in their future careers. 

QUEST Logic Model: A Structured Approach to Educational Excellence


Expanding upon the logic model and its outcomes within the context of ProSolve's educational philosophy and the new ESSA Level IV certification involves detailing our educational approach and expected results.

The logic model at ProSolve is meticulously designed to align with the rigorous requirements of the ESSA Level IV certification, focusing on creating a clear pathway from inputs to outcomes.

Let's delve deeper into how this model functions and the transformative outcomes we aim to achieve:

Inputs: The resources that ProSolve provides within our educational programs. These comprise our differentiated curriculum, physical and digital learning tools, resources to meet diverse student needs, and professional development for educators.

Activities: The differentiated curriculum allows students to apply their SEL skills in authentic and relevant ways through team-based challenges that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Purposeful reflection is integrated to promote the transfer of learned skills to real-world contexts, thereby deepening SEL comprehension and its application in daily life.

Outputs: The effectiveness of the curriculum implementation is evaluated based on several factors: the completion of lessons and problem-solving challenges, the depth and quality of student reflections, and students' and educators' perceptions of their experiences.

Outcomes: Our ultimate goal is to achieve transformative educational outcomes. These include enhanced student academic performance, improved social-emotional development, and the cultivation of essential career readiness skills. The use of the curriculum fosters greater connectedness among students and to their school, leading to higher attendance, improved academic performance, and a reduction in negative behavior and disciplinary actions. For educators, the program promises the application of whole-child approaches through experiential learning methodologies, broadening the program's impact and deepening the student learning impact.

Expected Outcomes Associated with QUEST

By adhering to this logic model, ProSolve anticipates the following outcomes:

Increased Student Engagement: Through hands-on, experiential learning, students become active participants in their learning, leading to deeper understanding and retention of knowledge.

Enhanced Academic Performance: By fostering students' self-management and emotional regulation, skills critical across all academic disciplines. Moreover, the curriculum cultivates an inclusive classroom environment, enhancing belonging and collaboration, which are essential components for improving student learning outcomes.

Social-Emotional Growth: Enhances students’ social and self-awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making through teamwork, perseverance, and strategic goal setting. It also improves students' connectedness to peers and school, leading to better academic performance and reduced disciplinary issues.

Preparation for the Future: Developing students' proficiency in the 4Cs are essential skills in the modern workforce. Through engaging in team-based challenges and strategic goal-setting, students cultivate soft skills such as perseverance and social awareness, preparing them for successful careers in a dynamic job market.

Fostering Innovation and Creativity: Teachers are introduced to experiential learning approaches, and they are encouraged to integrate these methodologies with their existing instructional practices. This gives them the tools to create more engaging, interactive, and student-centered learning environments, rekindling their passion for teaching and inspiring creativity in lesson planning and delivery.

“At ProSolve, we're at the forefront of educational innovation, dedicated to transforming student learning by weaving social-emotional learning and essential career-readiness skills into our curriculum offerings. Our primary focus is on building problem solvers ready to face the evolving challenges of tomorrow's workforce. This achievement reflects our deep dedication to creating educational programs that are responsive to supporting the overall development of every learner."
Dr. Michelle Ament, Chief Academic Officer, ProSolve

It’s Time to Shift to Career Readiness

The modern job market demands skills that recent graduates often lack, such as critical thinking, adaptability, and social-emotional intelligence. ProSolve offers the QUEST curriculum to address this gap, which includes career readiness skills that include soft skills and problem-solving capabilities often referred to as the 4Cs: creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration.ProSolve is committed to supporting educational systems to prepare learners to be career-ready, which has earned the company a solid reputation as a provider of highly engaging and impactful experiences for 21st-century learners. 

ProSolve's partnership with third-party researchers for independent studies demonstrates the company's commitment to rigorous evaluation and continuous improvement. The social-emotional learning curriculum has received an ESSA Level IV designation, which means that it is grounded in research and committed to ongoing analysis.

Connect with us for a detailed implementation plan and to see how QUEST aligns with your school or district priorities.